Secret Halo Hair Extension [22"]

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Secret Halo Hair Extension [22"]

$89.99 Regular price $49.99
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Add instant volume and length to your natural hair with this original Secret Halo Hair Extension. Easy to wear and to remove, this High-Quality Hair Extension provides a maximum natural effect without any damage to your own natural hair. No clips, no glue, no tape, any length, any color match, perfect for On the Go.


  • Uses Invisible adjustable nylon wire, no clips, no glue, no tape
  • Pre-curled, Instant length, instant volume, best color match
  • High quality synthetic fiber, can be watched, brushed, and curled
  • Comfortable and lightweight, not hurting
  • Zero damage to your natural hair


Color choice:

32 Colors available. Pro-type: match the Hair extension color with the end of your natural hair color for best effect.

In case you get confused when choosing a color, don’t worry, we can help! Take few pictures of your natural hair and send them to us here. We will get back to you with the best color match.

 Length choice:

3 sizes available: 14, 16, 18 and 22 inches. Below pictures show the visual difference of the available sizes.


The package includes a “how-to” guide to help you apply the Secret Halo Hair Extension. You can also visualize the below short video tutorial for further guide.


The Hair Extension is made with 100% Synthetic Japan high temperature fiber. It’s resistant to high temperatures and provide best natural effect to your hair.

Sizes and weights available:

  • Length: 22" about 140g-150g
  • Length: 18'' about 120-130g
  • Length: 16'' about 110-120g
  • Length: 14'' about 100-110g


Washing: The Halo Hair extension can be washed with warm water and shampoo. Moisturizing conditioner can also be used. After washing, use cool water to rinse.

Drying: Use towel to dry the Halo Hair Extension. We do not recommend using heated dryers. Instead, air-dry the Halo Hair Extension for best results.

Brushing: Use gently wide tooth brush or paddle brush to remove any tangling. Be careful not to pull on the hair.

Can be straightened or curled: The Secret Halo Hair Extension comes pre-curled. Use any type of hair straightener or hair curler to straighten or curl it. Only caution is to not exceed the limit temperatures 150-180 ° C (300 – 350 ° F).


The packaging includes:

  • Your brand-new Secret Halo Hair Extension
  • 2 adjustable nylon wires
  • 2 clips for optional usage
  • An English user instruction to apply it


I’m struggling with tightening mine. Can you do a tutorial?

Answer: Please have a look on our video tutorial above in the “HOW TO APPLY” section. The package is also delivered with an instruction guide that can help you apply.

Are these able to tone?

Answer: Not recommended. The Hair extension are made with synthetic fiber not suitable for tone.

How do you get yours to stay in without it popping off your head?

Answer: If you have issue to get yours stay in, we recommend adjusting the secret wire, or to use clips to pin it. In the package, we deliver 2 clips for optional use. You can also use any clips that are suitable.

I want one but what if it slips and falls out?

Answer: You can adjust the nylon wire size around your head so that it won’t move around!

Can you put heat on these? If I order one curled, will I be able to straighten it?

Answer: It can be straightened or curled. Only caution is to not exceed the limit temperatures 150-180 ° C (300 – 350 ° F).

Mine keeps sliding off… how do you get that wire to stay!!!?!!

Answer: Adjust the wire correctly using the instruction guide provided or pin it with clips offered in the package. In most of the case adjusting the wire will solve it.

What to do when the string breaks?

Answer: The string wire is in nylon, not easy to break. They come with an extra string wire and clips in the packaging.

How to get the color to match so good?

Answer: Pro-type: match the Hair extension color with the end of your natural hair color for best effect. If you struggle finding the right color match, email us a photo of your natural hair and our specialist will help you match the hair colors.

I wonder if the string hurts.

Answer: It won’t. The Hair extensions are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. It wont hurt at all, and no damage to your head or hair.

 How do you tighten them??

Answer: They have a spot on the wire string to adjust the size.

I have shoulder length hair would this work for me if I purchased this?

Answer: Yess!!! We have 4 different lengths 14/16/18/22 inches and in addition it adds volumes to your natural hair. Please check our TikTok channel for user contents to judge yourself.

Mine is a little loose on my head, how do I make it fit tighter?

Answer: Point of halo extensions is to have no clips to pull on your hair, but you can always use clips to pin it.

How long does it take to come, I live in US?

Answer: Please check our “SHIPPING” section for delivery time.

Can they be worn in a bun?

Answer: No, it’s not suitable in a bun.

I bought mine but it doesn’t match my hair! Can I dye it with Rit dye?

Answer: Not recommended. It’s synthetic. We can help to exchange if not matching. Contact us in that case.

Can they be washed?

Answer: Yes, use warm water and shampoo. Moisturizing conditioner can also be used. After washing, use cool water to rinse.

Does it work on short hair like a pixie cut?

Answer: Not recommended for ultra-short hair. Think of the nylon wire that needs to be hidden in your natural hair.

Would it not slide off when you move your head around?

Answer: If placed correctly on your head, it shouldn’t move. We include clips in the packaging so you can add them to the extensions for extra security.

I need curly ones

Answer: Stay tuned. Also, these are pre-curled, you can curl them using any Hair curler.

What is it made of?

Answer: 100% Synthetic

Can you put your hair up in a ponytail when you have the halo on?

Answer: You can do half up half down. Stay tuned for the ponytail coming soon.

Can you use curling iron, wand etc... on it??

Answer: Yes, but caution is to not exceed the limit temperatures 150-180 ° C (300 – 350 ° F).

What length do you recommend?

Answer: Get one that is longer than your hair. You can also consider adding volume to your hair.

Someone pls tell me if it’s worth it!!! I have super thin hair, thinking about buying.

Answer: These will give you the volume you are looking for.


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